Clear braces are made of monocrystaline ceramics that are translucent and therefore minimize the visibility of the brackets on the teeth.   Clear braces are a good choice for aesthetically concerned patients that wish to improve the appearance of their smile, yet want to minimize the appearance of braces.  Many Hollywood actors like Tom Cruise have had ceramic braces.  Clear or white elastomeric ties (or ligatures)  can be used to secure the archwire to the ceramic braces.  Though certain foods such as curry dishes, hot sauce, blueberries and red wine may stain the ties (not the ceramic braces).  The ties are replaced at each appointment and can be changed as frequently as you would like.

clear braces

Since clear braces are made of a ceramic material they are brittle like glass unlike metal braces that are more ductile and absorb forces better. Therefore special attention should be taken not eat very hard foods such as nuts, ice and candy.  Also if you have a very deep bite with strong mastication musculature, Dr. Maruri may opt to not place ceramic braces in the lower/mandibular arch or use something called a bite plan to open you bite so that you do not bite on your lower brackets.

To counter act the brittleness of ceramics, orthodontic manufactures make ceramic brackets bulkier then there metal counterparts.  Though this increase in bulkiness is hardly noticeable to most patients.

Whether you choose ceramic or metal braces, proper care must be taken in order for your braces not to break.  Main foods to avoid are nuts, candy , ice and very crusty breads.clear braces vs metal braces

The most important thing about wearing clear/ceramic braces is to be confident!  If you have been unhappy with your smile for some time this may seem to be difficult, but it is very important  to be positive. Smile as much as you can and as wide as possible, people may not even notice your clear braces and even if they do they will look past your braces and love your big beautiful smile.




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